If I could write an equation to show who you are. It would be me + you= Everything, Me – you = Nothing. For without you am something like nothing. Your way of life has always been standard never deviated from the meaning of life since you are the life meaning. You are the mode since your measure of dispersion has always been central and high. Yaani, your value for my life, has never depreciated on the contrary since met you, it has always appreciated with an increased interest rate. For your interest in my life has always been constant.

Regardless of the economic curves, your interest maintained a constant gradient. A vector of influence, for your love, has never been scalar. If I could only show you in my heart that, you have increased my life worth, without gain any interest and you were the sole principle. You compounded my losses into profits. I mean My value has gone high with an increased velocity which never depreciated but always accelerated. For your ways are always linear. Like a new program in my heart, you will forever be installed. This is not a probability for you are one quantity that can never be replaced. For your contribution has always been on the higher quartile end. That is, the whole quartile since it has always been 100 %. And that percentile can never get any lower. Like an income that is never taxed. You have differentiated my life and made me a derivative of you. For you have integrated me into your entire being.

Now I am a new being with a new DNA structure all my pains and regrets all gone just right now. I am never alone. With you, my significance level is always high. All I have to do is to listen and follow your word. Success is always guaranteed sustaining my inner being. I mean In the fullness of my being, I have been all perfect. An amazing way of living.

You are always here even when I don’t acknowledge your presence. My needs met in all ways. I am Victorious and even in midst of challenging storms, It has always turned out for my good. Things always heading my way. I wish no other life I wish no other way of living. For my paths will always go up and shine brightly. My Life a living testimony of greatness and what could be achieved. My head is held up high looking and focusing on you my friend. I don’t have down moments or sad days. I am always up and happy. I have got you on my back so no worries.

I got you. I got it all figured out I am happy and above all going to do well.