As I strode down the green grass, I hear sounds, I get startled and terrified, a cold shiver runs down in my spine. My whole body trembles. In a split second, something jumps up, before my reflex muscles could respond. To my amusement, it was just a hare. Ha, a! A sigh of relief as the hare disappears behind the bushes. Wait a minute, I see these passion fruits, I ran across the field to enjoy the pleasure of its taste in my mouth. Damn! There I trip, as I open my eyes, they meet this snake staring at me viciously as if I have intruded its kingdom. Motionless, every fibre of my being is trembling, my adrenaline working against me. My jaws almost dropping, phew! What a relief.  To my advantage she slithers away, I stand and dust off, oh! wait for the grass too. With so much vigour and excitement having survived from the sneer of a viper. I  walk to my fruit, here I am choosing which to take. Yes, that one, as I stretch my hand to pick, oh no!  A chameleon just about to cover my fruit with his hooky legs. There you go Mr Chameleon as I take it away, swaying it by the stick. Well now I can enjoy my fruit, I take the first bite…and hmmm mmm… what a sweet taste it’s amazing. In a jitter, I finish it. I go to the second one, and yuck!  It’s not like the first one, I throw it away.  “This other one must be good”,  my hopeful mind whispers.

Wait!  I left the guys with our goats and sheep. I pick and pocket it and ran back to my colleagues. ” Karanja! Karanja! Karanja! ” That’s Jimmy my cousin calling me from a distance. ” Gather those sheep and goats”. I oblige by picking a stick. Jimmy gets closer and throws my rungu. So I do away with the stick and attend to the goats and sheep. Back to me, “where have you been?” the always silent Njuguna asks. ” Do you know how worried we were?” Chartered Kipng’eno. ” Guys, guys relax, I have found fruits in a very hidden place”. I explained, ” Wait for what?, take us there . ” shouts Ng’eno. I give the sample I had carried and they each take a bite till it is over. They decide that we leave the goats and sheep with Njuguna. I take them to the so longed treasures.

” Here we are”. I murmur. But even before I could finish. People are already attacking the poor plant, defeating it’s Kingdom bit by bit. Until the plant Is fruitless, with weary looks like a mother who just gave birth. I take some for Njuguna and so did Ng’eno and Jimmy. We ran back, but getting back, something was amiss. Njuguna is gone, goats and sheep amiss. Wallowing, in shock and worry, we drop our treasures and hide them, we divide ourselves for the search and later meet at a point. So I take this path down to the river, ” Njuguna! Njuguna! Njuguna! Njuguna!  ” I shout with echoes coming back, then dead silence in the whole forest as if I was the only living being.

After a while, I hear dogs barking, I run towards the voices. Turning my head, around, I see these two dogs following me. ” What?, I thought I heard voices in this direction ” my worried and already terrified mind whispers. I Sprint, almost getting at the river something, stops me I already lost the dogs. Hoo! Hoo! Relaxing my breath catching up with me. But Looking up, I see this guy looking at me. Furious with a bow and arrow pointing at me. He didn’t smile neither did he shrivel. I see the arrow released, directly to my stomach.

My body jerks, there I lay still in my cosy bed. Tii! Tii! Tii! The alarm goes.   Oh ! Damn! It’s morning already. It was just a dream infringed into one of my childhood memories with a little current experience of movies I watched.  In our sleep, mine was a memory mixed with imagination. Yours might just be an image of your daily experience.